Seattle and the Cascades

Seattle in July was just perfect because the weather was mild and it did not rain on us!  It’s quite a popular destination, with downtown restaurants packed in the evenings (that is, if they’re any good), and Pike Place packed most days.

On day one, we wandered around Pike Place, and I almost got taken for $8/lb for Rainier cherries.  I decided to wait and a couple of days later, was able to hand pick my cherries from a vendor there who only charged $6/lb.  If you don’t get to pick them, you could get a bunch of badly bruised ones in the bunch.

On day two, we drove 2 1/2 hours to Mount Rainier and went hiking.  There were several waterfalls and we got lucky enough to see not one, but two rainbows!  On the way out there, somewhat in the boonies, was this very unusual place open to visitors (they took donations), and the grounds were full of well cared for flowers and hand made statues made out of wood, steel, vines, etc.  The name of it escapes me, if I find the brochure anytime soon, I’ll post it.  The gentleman who owned the place had spent 19 years there, making his statues.  I’d have to say, the guy was quite talented.  If you stop there, leave a donation!

Days three and four was spent at the Space Needle (too much hype, I wasn’t really excited about it), the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum), and the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.  Go to the EMP!  It was so much fun, it’s not all about music.  Check out their website for their exhibitions.  Buy a City Pass, don’t pay for these as individual purchases at their location.

Oh, and lastly, we went to Ballard and unfortunately only had an hour of shopping there.  It’s a charming area with nice boutiques and unique goods, some handmade by locals.  Being the avid shopper that I am, I was quite bummed to have to speed shop through each store.

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