Fruit-tea Drinks and Superfood Basil Seeds

We’ve been slightly addicted to teas with fruit bits, boba and basil seeds.  We’re regulars at Tea Party Lounge in Fountain Valley and frequent other tea houses in the area, but our favorite place is Tea Party Lounge, and our favorite drink is the Passion Attraction (passionfruit, strawberry bits, basil seeds with boba added on).  Did you know basil seeds were considered a superfood?  Supposedly, they help people lose weight because they suppress the appetite, and here’s another fun fact: they can help alleviate flatulence.  OK, I had to throw that one in for the teenage audience.

I travel, eat, blog, organize and re-organize, hunt for the unusual out of the usual, attempt many DIY projects, and can't go without boba for more than a week. The craziest road trip I ever took was to go to Sequoia National Park for a day - from Huntington Beach. The round trip was over 12 hours and the visit lasted about 2 hours. But the views were worth it!

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