Letterpress, Book Arts and Paper

The museum is a great place for anyone interested in letterpress, vintage things, stationery, and a little bit of history.

We attended the Los Angeles Printer’s Fair at the International Printing Museum (Torrance, CA) this weekend and it is now one of my favorite festivals.  There were all sorts of printing activities using old printing presses and slugs (not the type that eats up your garden).  Many vendors were there selling beautiful cards, artwork, posters, books, calendars, etc.  I’ve always wanted a printer’s tray and now I have four!   It’s a great event for kids, as well!

A huge selection of printer trays were for sale!  An avid buyer took away at least 10 of them and my pick were the green ones, because it’s my favorite color.

Guess what else?  I got to have my very own slug created with an antique Vandercook press!  It cost me a whopping $1.00 (donation)!


I bought an “I heart Type” slug.

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