Vietnamese Beef Salad – Chipotle Style

I can’t cook.  OK, I can cook spaghetti, sausage, eggs, bacon, etc., but I can’t cook Vietnamese food.  It’s a shame, because my mom makes excellent Vietnamese food and her skills are lost on me.  So I won’t be able to give you recipes on this site, since she does everything by guesstimating and tasting.

This is her Vietnamese beef salad.  She cooks the meat in soy sauce and then makes a tangy, salty gravy that she stir fries the beef in, along with onions.  She pounds the peanuts in a plastic bag and cleans all the vegetables before we use it.  She likes watercress because it’s healthier, and I like lettuce, so we each make our own bowl of salad and have it with rice.

I travel, eat, blog, organize and re-organize, hunt for the unusual out of the usual, attempt many DIY projects, and can't go without boba for more than a week. The craziest road trip I ever took was to go to Sequoia National Park for a day - from Huntington Beach. The round trip was over 12 hours and the visit lasted about 2 hours. But the views were worth it!

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