Point Lobos State Natural Reserve – Carmel

If you ever take a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway and visit Monterey or Carmel, you must go hiking at Point Lobos.  We spent over six hours there (and although my daughter was only seven years old, it was so scenic, she didn’t whine about all the walking).  The scenery changes as you wander through the reserve, from rocky hikes to ocean tide pools and to a surprising white sandy beach.  There were lots of birds and sea lions, and supposedly, deer, but we did not see any.  Parking can be a little challenging during the summer months and weekends, but go early and you’ll have better luck.






I travel, eat, blog, organize and re-organize, hunt for the unusual out of the usual, attempt many DIY projects, and can't go without boba for more than a week. The craziest road trip I ever took was to go to Sequoia National Park for a day - from Huntington Beach. The round trip was over 12 hours and the visit lasted about 2 hours. But the views were worth it!

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