My Favorite L.A. Bakery…

…is Porto’s Cuban Bakery, with its myriad of choices and a line so long it can overwhelm a newbie.  They have an efficient setup, though, to get through all the people waiting, so it’s generally a 15-20 minute wait due to sheer volume (and that’s actually good).  If you go before a major holiday, expect to stand outside in line until they allow you in.

The prices are extremely reasonable, I don’t even think you can find this type of pricing anywhere else.  They also serve sandwiches, salads, lunch meals and drinks on the other side of the bakery/restaurant.

In honor of the weekend, and because I always like my TGIF to start with a bang, I treated myself and the family to Porto’s.  I walked out with two boxes containing three apple turnovers, six guava strudels, four cheese rolls, and an almond croissant, all for a whopping price of $16.59.  I think that’ll get me 4 croissants at Starbucks.  Happy Weekend!


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