Whose Bright Idea Was This? Drink in a Bulb

There are many, many boba and tea places in Orange County so no matter where I go, I find them and try them.  If you’ve been to an Asian night market with popup restaurants and food trucks (which I will also blog about in a future post), you’ll find drinks in large mason jars or light up glasses, and ice cream in a plant pot.  Other boba places will put drinks into pretty jars or sports bottles.  They’re all trying to come up with the next new thing to outdo each other.

I went to the Leaf and Cream teahouse this weekend in Tustin.  I saw these light bulb drink containers.  It looked interesting, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $6 for a drink to get the container, it’s almost double the price for about the same size drink.  It’s gimmicky but not good enough for me to buy into it.  What do you think?



I travel, eat, blog, organize and re-organize, hunt for the unusual out of the usual, attempt many DIY projects, and can't go without boba for more than a week. The craziest road trip I ever took was to go to Sequoia National Park for a day - from Huntington Beach. The round trip was over 12 hours and the visit lasted about 2 hours. But the views were worth it!

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