Holsteins – Where Cows Pee Milk and the Steak Salad is Delicious

OK, so the cows don’t pee milk but there is a big painting at Holsteins of a cow peeing milk.  As a matter of fact, a few of the paintings were eye-catching images of cows misbehaving, such as a cow hiding a baseball bat behind him while a bruised and bandaged chicken stands in front holding a sign that says “Eat Chicken”.   The place is hip, but the food doesn’t quite live up to expectations.  My Thai steak salad was yummy, I would return for that, but the burger and the kid’s grilled cheese lunch was overpriced and mediocre. There’s popcorn served before the food comes, something kids will love but as a parent, I wasn’t thrilled about.  My daughter filled up on popcorn before she got her sandwich and it’s hard to tell her no when it’s sitting right there in front of her.  Overall, it’s a fun place to experience once, but it won’t be one of my regular go-to restaurants.


This was yummy, the dressing was light and the papaya strips added a nice fresh taste to it.
It’s a regular grilled cheese sandwich on its side, for $9, with fries.
A bit more rare and bloodier than what my man asked for.
$9 for a milkshake

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