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Artober Fest at my Favorite Art Store

Art Supply Warehouse annual Artober Fest with free giveaways and demonstrations, plus 25% off entire store.

My daughter, Audrey, and I spent half of our weekend at Art Supply Warehouse for their Artober Fest sale (twice a year, they host a huge sale with 25% off everything in the store.  The next sale will be in March 2017).

We started off at 8:30am Saturday morning standing in line for free goody bags when doors open at 9am.  Unfortunately, we should’ve came at 6am as they told us they were all out by 8:50am.  Look at the line, it wrapped around three sides of the building.  They didn’t want everyone to be frustrated and disappointed so gave  us free gold Sharpies or Winsor and Newton markers.


Somebody left these hand drawn sketches below.  The man is saying “Why did I get here so early for  nothing?” and the woman is saying “We’re here too late.”


We came back the next day to participate in the workshops and watch artist Jeff Styles pinstripe a car.  It rained on us, he kept going but I think it must’ve been a bit difficult to deal with as water was dripping onto the car through the tent gaps.


Other activities included marbling, painting with Sharpie brush pens onto tile, and illustrating with Pentel markers.  You got to take home what you made.

Audrey did a nice tile with the Sharpies and a little bit of alcohol to create a wash, and also used a rubber tipped nib to remove color for the stars in her night scene.



We made key chains with Sculpey clay and Pearl Ex powder.  A little bit of powder goes a long way.

They also had coloring with Klutz coloring pencils.


Our favorite booth was the Pentel booth.  The demonstrator, Jackson, had graduated from Cal State Long Beach with an illustration degree and boy was he talented!  He drew a lot of the images you see in the pictures, and Audrey learned from them.  She did a copy of his Halloween pumpkin, which I thought turned out quite well for a 10 year old.  He was great at drawing upside down when he demonstrated the markers’ capabilities!  Other people who stopped by were also quite good at sketching.  I was just an onlooker, no talent here when it comes to freestyle drawing.


They also had a huge collaborative paper mural of Van Gogh’s Starry Night being photobombed by Godzilla (the photobomb is my interpretation of it).


All in all, it was a fun and inspiring weekend spending several hours at the store.  Don’t miss it in March if you live nearby!

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