Inside Harry Potter World- Universal Studios

Yesterday was a gloomy cloudy day, and it was a perfect day to walk around at Universal Studios.  Halloween Horror Nights are going on in the evenings, so during the day, it’s not as crowded but unfortunately, lines are still long inside Harry Potter World.

As you can see from the entrance, lots of people entering Harry Potter World.  You can take a picture with the conductor at platform 9 3/4.

Zonko’s and Honeyduke’s Candy Shop was also a bit packed.  Candy from the dispenser was about $13/lb, muy expensive.  It’s a very fun, colorful place and packed with vintage toys from the olden days as well as some unusual candy.

Butterbeer was available at a few places, and it tastes a lot like very good creme soda.

The wand shop was shoulder to shoulder and I have never seen so many wands in boxes before, it’s incredible.  They cost about $50 each, wow.  The other shops were full of Harry Potter products as well, and the decor was fantastic.


The Harry Potter 3D ride, Forbidden Journey, had some great special effects, the line was long, and the inside was interesting, but I got rather motion sick from getting on the ride, so I doubt I would do it again.


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