The Cutest Macaron Shop in Orange County – Honey & Butter

Honey & Butter is a macaron shop full of Disney tsum tsums, cute plushies, and cute characters.

Macarons are hot items in Orange County.  There are a lot of macaron shops, bakeries or restaurants that sell a rainbow of flavored macarons, or ice cream sandwich macarons.  I’ve never quite gotten into them but my daughter loves them, and at $1.50-$3.00 for just one, it’s not something we get much of in quantity.

Our favorite macaron place is Honey & Butter.  They’re a franchise, if you read my post about The Lab, you’ll see a cute little Airstream for Honey & Butter, but that store is tiny in comparison to the one at the Irvine Spectrum.

This place is Disney Tsum Tsum heaven.  They have more types of Tsum Tsums than I’ve seen in the Disney store.  I think they get them straight from Japan so they have the more rare types we can’t buy here.  If you’re into cutesy, this is the place to hang out.  There are a couple of swings hanging from the ceilings flanked with macaron pillows and stuffed toys everywhere.  On this particular day, we got there by 11am and they were not yet sold out of the character macarons.  Audrey scored a Tortoro macaron, which she said was quite yummy.



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