Beautiful Drink Bottles – Tasty Drinks

Roasting Water is a cafe/lounge serving smoothies, ice blended drinks, teas and coffee in a fun environment.

I briefly referred to Roasting Water in my posting about the AT-AT marker drawing that Audrey did because she didn’t like her plain bottle.  Plain bottles are rare at Roasting Water, though.  We especially like the bottles they had today, with the paper airplanes.  The lines of the drawing were actually a gold foil, not very visible in the picture but very pretty in real life.  Today we ordered the LOL (Lots of Lychee, it’s lychee shaken tea with lychee bits), Guava tea (guava shaken tea with strawberry bits), and Strawberry Kiss (strawberry shaken tea with strawberry bits).  All had basil seeds in it.  I’ve also had their ice blended drinks and those are yummy, as well.  The hot drinks are not as much of a favorite with me.

Our selection today.
I love this bookshelf with the rolling ladder, need one in my house.
Lots and lots of cute and unique drink containers and mugs. 
They actually glued most of these down, I’ve seen several accidents so I don’t blame them.  They do sell some of the items, though, if in stock.


Mugs on branches, very whimsical.


Probably my favorite – Baymax on mugs.
I like the dragon on these cups, he’s got attitude.


Part of my collection at home.  Unfortunately, lack of space forces me to recycle quite a few.  I painted the cherry blossoms and dog onto my plain Roasting Water bottle the same day Audrey painted her AT-AT.

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