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You Must Go to the Last Bookstore

The Last Bookstore is a one-of-a-kind new and used bookstore with art installations and vintage collectibles on display.

I absolutely love The Last Bookstore and can roam in it for hours.  Not only is it a bookstore, but the upper portion is what they call a maze, it looks like a maze as you walk through it, and you’ll encounter a small knitting store, art gallery displays, a vintage and antiques store, a section where all used books are $1, and who knows what else, as this changes from time to time.  They also hosts special events often.

The bottom of the store contains new and used books and vintage collectibles, some housed in rooms that used to be vaults.  It’s amazing how they use books as art installations, I wish I could do the same in my house.  Check out Yelp for more pictures.  If you’re in downtown Los Angeles, this is a must-see sight.  The neighborhood does have a number of homeless folks nearby, though, but we’ve never had problems.


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