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SKINFOOD – In Search of Healthy Products

I’ve recently become a little obsessed with finding more natural products and staying away from harsh chemicals, and although I’m no expert, when I have time, I try to do more reading on the ingredients that are put into the personal care products we use daily.

I’m trying out a couple of products from SKINFOOD, they caught my attention because their store was so nicely put together and the thought of health and beauty products made from food sounded appealing.  I do believe some of their items contain parabens, though, since it’s hard to preserve and keep these type of items bacteria-free without them.

I bought the Honey Rich body wash and the Black Sugar scrub.  I’ve been looking for a body wash that doesn’t leave me feeling like I still have dirt I have to rub off my body or that has a coating of what soaps say are moisturizer because for some reason, I just don’t like it, it feels like it’s masking the pollution still on me.  The Honey Rich body wash smells a little sweet, but I don’t mind it, I normally dislike fragrance in my soaps since I’m slightly allergic to perfumes, but this is not overpowering.  It works well and I would buy it again. As for the Black Sugar scrub, I haven’t used it often enough to know how well it works as I still have my Lancome cleanser to use up, but it does taste like sugar, and it suds up nicely and rinse off well.  They gave me some samples of other products when I purchased these two items.


This really smelled like strawberries so I imagine it tastes like jam.
I’m a sucker for containers and was tempted to buy this even though I don’t wear eye makeup.
These lip balms look quite yummy.
How cute are these?!  They look edible, too, my daughter wanted one.
There was a wide assortment of nail polish and nail care products.
I’ve never seen so many types of facial masks that looked so delicious before this.
I wonder if this tastes like sake.
They have a small area dedicated to men and not surprisingly, the beer product is the best seller.


My stash, with the free samples I have yet to try.  I normally don’t load up on more than just my essentials but eventually, I’ll try these.


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