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Surf City Nights Farmer’s Market

It’s not a European Christmas market like all the pictures I pin on Pinterest, but it’s still a nice place to go on Tuesday evenings and I need to promote my hometown of Huntington Beach, after all, whilst being wistful that I was in Europe.  Thanksgiving is two days away, I don’t have to work tomorrow and we just had some great rain after so much drought, yay! The air is chilly and the mood is festive because the Christmas lights are lit up.  The farmer’s market is a year-round weekly event and it’s held on Main Street, across from the pier and the beach, between shops and restaurants.

I guess they cancelled the tree lighting last Sunday due to rain, but it’s still on for this Thanksgiving weekend!


It’s kid-friendly, there are bouncy slides and a petting zoo.


I should’ve gotten this shirt, it would be my daily affirmation.


There were about three different bands or performers on the street, and I rather liked the song this fellow was singing so I recorded part of it.



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