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Shopping at Tokyo Central for Thanksgiving

I hadn’t been into Tokyo Central since it changed names, and perhaps ownership, from when it was Marukai (although the membership card has both names on it, with membership costing only $1 for eternity).  I don’t know why, maybe I just thought since it’s no longer Marukai, it’s not good anymore.  Boy, was I wrong!  I love this place!  It’s huge and has a wide selection of stuff, and also has a great ramen restaurant in it.

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, it’s on the travel list, so I wonder  how this place compares to places in Tokyo.


First of all, the candy, aisles of it and so cutely packaged, who cares if it’s not healthy to eat too much?  They even had sushi looking candy.  Of course, there were also a ton of Pocky flavors.

There’s a lot of housewares for a grocery store.  I saw a few nice things I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas.  The coffee grinder and other contraptions for making hot drinks were very cool.


If you love green tea, this is the place to go.  They’ve got a pretty display for all the green tea products, it could take you half an hour just to go through this alone (you’re looking at just the front of the display case below, there are four sides to this display and another shelf nearby).


Lots of great vegetables, more unusual than what you’ll find in an American grocery store.  Since I like Shabu Shabu and Nabe hot pot, I only bothered to take a picture of what vegetables they tend to use for these.


The meats, fish, and butcher section had so many exotic types and it all looked so fresh. Look at those huge slabs of tuna!

Dessert stuff, yum!  Just a small selection below, there were so many items, I just couldn’t take  pictures of it all.  I bought the Kurogoma Daifuku for myself.  Mochi and red bean are popular.

I also bought some boba pearls to make fruit tea with boba at home (ok, I’m going to try, I’ve never done it before, but it can’t be that hard, right?).


They had rice dispensers, just tempting me to buy some rice just to use it.


I’m a dog person, I have a dog who’s 18 years old, but I have to admit, this cat stuff was cute and I was tempted to purchase just for the containers — a Hello Kitty soy sauce bottle and a Neko Atsume air freshener.

The prepared food looked tasty and fresh, it was hard to decide what to have for lunch.  You get to load up your container with food and they charge $8.99/lb at the build-your-own.

They did have turkey, I thought the turkey tempura seemed unusual.

We settled on ramen in the restaurant area, and it was way better than I had expected.  It was actually one of the best ramen dishes I’ve ever had.


After all that, I ended up with only a small basket of stuff to make fruit tea and boba, the dessert with red bean in it, and some snacks.  I thought one of them looked a bit unusual, they looked like tiny crabs and the ingredients listed “small crab”, so maybe they really are…h’mmm, I’ll be trying it tomorrow when the guests show up, I’m curious as to how it’ll taste.

I think for Christmas, I shall return and have a Japanese themed meal, but for this Thanksgiving, it will be Vietnamese and American food, we’re a mixed lot and one half wants ham and turkey and the other half wants barbecue crispy pork and peking duck.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!






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