Pop Culture – and the Eggsciting Gudetama

I had to blog about this because I can’t seem to eggscape this egg.  It’s Gudetama, a popular creation of Hello Kitty’s corporation, Sanrio.  Either I frequent too many Japanese or Asian markets, or this character has embedded itself into American culture, but everywhere I go, there is a Gudetama, an egg who is a bit depressed and also has a crack in it (yes, truly, a crack, not the type of egg crack that Humpty Dumpty befell, but rather a crack  in its behind like humans have!).

If you have some time for light reading, check out this article about how the Japanese feel about Gudetama being a popular mascot for their culture, it’s rather humorous.

Obviously, plush Gudetama and its many variations are aplenty, as well as other products such as tote bags, coin purses, backpacks…


A Nacho Libre plush….


a Sumo wrestler and warrior….


both with butt cracks, of course…


and Gudetama has got to be a cool dude…


and yet a bit depressed, and so never wants to get out from under its bacon blanket to face the world…


Of course, Pop Funko has to have one since they have EVERY character I can think of…


and there’s a diary if you need to look at it everyday while recording your depressing thoughts…


and  you can serve yourself some Gudetama pudding, which I assume may taste like egg pudding…


and powder your face with a very popular Japanese powder that has the character on the pouf…


and don’t forget to put on your socks before heading off to tackle the world.


My daughter loves this egg, looks like I’ll have to get her one for Christmas, it will be hard to choose which one!  They have even more stuff on the Sanrio site than I’ve seen in the stores.  Have fun shopping and hopefully, he’ll bring a little smile to someone’s face!


3 comments on “Pop Culture – and the Eggsciting Gudetama

  1. Now that I know there’s a Pop Funko of Gudetama, I’m devastated they aren’t available in Australia. Love your posts, looking forward to more ^^


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