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Giant Robot GR2 PostIt Show 12 (Part 1)

You'll find big talent on a small piece of Post-It.

We attended the Giant Robot PostIt Show 12 today in Little Osaka, the Sawtelle and Olympic area of West Los Angeles.  I only found out about it this year even though it’s been around for years.  Not realizing how popular the first day would be, we arrived an hour after opening and the line was huge.  At 3:30pm, they were calling out numbers and I think they had over 800 numbers.  After that, it was first come – first in.

We didn’t have a number so we left and went shopping (stay tuned for Part II, the actual Giant Robot store and other nearby stores with great gift ideas).  We came back later when the numbers were almost up, and the line was still crazy, and now it’s dark.

We finally got in about 40 minutes later and it was a great show.  So much talent on such a small piece of paper!  There seemed to be a couple hundred artists, some well known, participating in the show.  You could purchase a piece of art for $25 each, which may seem pricey for a PostIt but, come on, think about the work and the talent behind these.  They even  had 3D glasses for some of the PostIts that were drawn to be viewed in 3D (see if you can find these in the pictures).  The store also had prints and miscellaneous art-related items for sale.  All in all, we really enjoyed it and will be back for future shows.



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