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Giant Robot & Black Market (Part 2)

They're hip and trendy, and a great place to find gifts (or buy something for yourself).

I mentioned in my previous post about GR 2 that there’s also a GR 1 in the same neighborhood.  The entire street is a busy thoroughfare of hip restaurants, cafes, bakeries and shops.

While waiting for the PostIt Show, we walked across to GR 1 and also to the Blackmarket store, one of my favorite stores in W. LA.

Below are pictures of the inside of Giant Robot.  It’s a small store, rent is high in this area, but for as long as I can remember, they’ve always been  here.  Lots of cool, pop culture items, toys, books, collectibles and t-shirts.  This is a really great place for gifts that you may not find elsewhere.

A few doors down is BlackMarket.  It’s a good place for both men and women to shop, as they carry women’s clothing and jewelry on one side and men’s clothing and other manly items such as belts, hats, wallets, etc, on the other side of the aisle.  They have a separate area dedicated to gift items and more fragile items.  I wasn’t able to take pictures of these areas as it was quite packed and hard to get a good shot without someone being annoyed at me for catching them in a photo.

I really wanted to get the Pacman game ornament but for $18, Audrey talked me out of it.

There were neat, little tin boxes which would make great gifts.  I like the art box.

The jewelry is unique, lots of necklaces, bracelets and rings for sale.  I like the necklace with the envelope focal point.

There are lots and lots of other gift items jam packed onto the shelves along with books and journals.

These are only two of the stores in the area.  If you are in West Los Angeles, Little Osaka is a good place to visit for afternoon shopping and dinner.  Don’t wait until dinnertime, though, the restaurants will have lines out the door onto the sidewalks.

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  1. Nothing like that around here!


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