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Rose Bowl Flea Market – Pasadena

The Rose bowl flea market is a shopper's dream for finding antiques and collectibles and other items new and used.

Merry Christmas!!  It’s almost midnight on Christmas day so I can still get one post in before bed as these pictures contain a few Christmas-related images, and I just didn’t have time to post them due to traveling and other family duties.

For anyone who loves antiques, kitschy stuff, bargains (and bargaining) and walking, the Rose Bowl flea market is the best flea market around in Southern California.  It’s held every second Sunday of the month at the Rose Bowl stadium (soon to be host to the famous Rose Bowl game on New Year’s day and the beautiful town of Pasadena will be holding its annual Rose Bowl parade).  There are normally over 2500 vendors inside the stadium and the area surrounding it.  The earlier you go, the more it costs to get in, so we tend to go after 9am when it’s $9/person over age 12.  It takes me about 3-4 hours to get through this flea market, and I still feel rushed even so.

Pictures speak a thousand words so here are a bunch showing what type of products are sold at the flea market.


There’s an area for new products and the majority of the other areas are for antiques, used items and the unusual flea market finds.


There’s even some food products and spices such as below.


No, these are not the real thing!  They’re painted reproductions for purchase or rent.


This booth was a bit interesting and in a way, sad, because the items were insects, fish, other mammals or non-mammals displayed in unusual ways.  Perhaps it’s just me, I just wanted them to be free and alive.


If you want a big sign in your yard, this is the place for it.  I suppose the Hollywood people come here for props and such.


I love cameras!  I have a few of my own so one day I may post photos of my collection, but for now, I loved this booth which had many different types cleaned up and nicely displayed.


Quite a few rugs are available for sale.


A very old vintage sewing machine, also another passion of mine, and perhaps saved for another blog posting in the future.


During this time of the year, lots of vintage Christmas decor comes out.  I don’t recall seeing as much at other times.


This has got to be the best deal of the day.  Needless to say, I purchased a few sweaters for the family for our ugly sweater party.


Some booths are well-laid out and sure makes me wish I had the skills to decorate my home in the same fashion, making do with little space to store lots of stuff.


Shoes, shoes, shoes!  This is only one of a few shoe booths that is a bit farther out from the main stadium area.


A very old vintage typewriter.  Oh, did I tell you I also love typewriters?  I owned three but now I have only two, I am always resisting the urge to buy more.


This mess below is jewelry.  There were a lot of booths with jewelry for you to dig through at bargain prices, such as $1/piece.


All in all, it’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re near Pasadena.  The area is beautiful and Old Town Pasadena is nearby.


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