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The Rose Parade – Pasadena

The beautiful Rose Parade occurs annually in Pasadena, CA.

Every year, the annual Rose Bowl Tournament is held in Pasadena and the Rose Parade accompanies it.  The festivities before and after the parade is very fun for those who are interested in an overload of beauty and creativity using flowers and other naturals materials.  In a previous year, my friends and I have volunteered in the float decorating activities and we’ve also viewed the floats after the parade.  When you volunteer, you have to get to the tents very, very early in the morning and wear your old ragged clothes because you will get messy.  The people in charge find you something to do, like applying grounded nuts to a particular area of the float or get supplies for the professionals who tend to handle the flowers.  It takes a very long time to get an area of the float done.

Since I’m not an early riser, for the past couple of years, I’ve gone to see the floats after the parade.  They offer the viewing for a ticketed price, and let me tell you, this event gets quite crowded, it is amazing the neighborhood can take the amount of tourists that attend.  I’ve not yet been there for the actual parade, can’t deal with the crowds and camping overnight, but maybe one day, I’ll attempt it.

These are pictures of a previous year’s viewing we attended – definitely not all of the floats are shown below, there are many floats displayed for several blocks.


4 comments on “The Rose Parade – Pasadena

  1. Beautiful roses on the parade.
    Me too have post about Vietnam’s Flower Park that located in Da Lat city, it’s beautiful. Come see my blog 🙂

    And this is the link to flower park post :


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