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Oshogatsu Family Festival and Time Capsules

I think I can fit myself in one of these time capsules but really, the letters the kids wrote are a better idea.

We attended the Oshogatsu Family festival at the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) on Sunday and it was so much fun!  It was quite crowded with festivities, the biggest project being the Time After Time Capsule created by Sebastian Masuda, a famous Japanese artist.  There were also origami making for Year of the Rooster, an onigiri workshop, a Japanese candy artist demonstrating his skills, and numerous other craft projects for everyone.

Audrey and I both wrote a letter to ourselves, decorated it and placed it into the Domo time capsule.  Supposedly, we will get these in 20 years (they had collected our email addresses so hopefully, someone will contact us in 20 years and we’ll be able to come and collect our packages).  In the year 2020, all ten time capsules in the project will be on display at the Tokyo Olympics.

We placed our time capsules into the Domo sculpture since Audrey is not a huge fan of Hello Kitty.


Sebastion Masuda is the man in the black and white clothing with the black hat.


Onigiri workshop offered for free.


Taiko drummers played a couple of times during the day.


This is the front of the museum.


Mine and Audrey’s roosters.


It’s not a large museum but has interesting exhibits discussing the life of the Japanese in early America, especially during the internment and WW II.


A building representative of where the Japanese lived during WW II.


The Hello Kitty time capsule sculpture.


Beautiful candy sculptures made onsite.


Lastly, Audrey’s time capsule package, in which she wrote things to remember about 2016 and other worldly advice to her future self such as “Hug your mother”, “Please don’t be a hobo”, and “Get a job.”



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