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Chinatown, Confetti Town

The confetti business is booming in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

This is the last post this year regarding the Lunar New Year, which we Asians spend a lot of time preparing for and then celebrating!  This past Saturday, we went up to Chinatown, Los Angeles, to enjoy the celebrations with some friends.  I had no idea there would be such a festive mood and it’s quite a bit different than the Vietnamese Tet celebration we went to at the Orange County fairgrounds.  We didn’t watch the parade, although it was a big parade, closing down several blocks of streets.  The traffic can be a nightmare as Chinatown borders downtown Los Angeles and parking is difficult and sometimes expensive.  They encouraged taking the metro into Chinatown if you wanted to see the parade, however, we waited until the parade was over and was able to find free parking on a side street a couple blocks away from the main shopping plaza.

Chinatown has been cleaned up a bit since I was last there and it’s nicer now than years ago.  The buildings have character, and there is some new artwork on the walls as well as red lanterns hanging everywhere.  The big thing for the day was all the confetti!  I’ve never seen so much confetti popping everywhere, other than when watching the New Year’s Eve celebrating in Time Square via television.  Lots of shop owners and vendors selling big canisters of confetti poppers.

The ground was covered in confetti. I wonder who gets to sweep it all up?  Luckily, it was beautiful weather and not rainy as it has been lately.

Isn’t it colorful?  I don’t know these people in the above picture, by the way, but they look like a cute couple.

The red lanterns were beautiful, and I think just about everyone had a smile on their face.  I’m sure the lanterns are up all year, so if you visit, the only thing you’d miss is the confetti.

There were performances on stage and lots of food trucks.

One of the restaurants at this Chinatown served as the location for “Rush Hour” with Jackie Chan.  It’s called Foo Chow restaurant.

Although it didn’t get as much foot traffic, the street across the main gathering area was also adorned with pretty lanterns.


All in all, it was a very fun event and I highly recommend that you visit our Chinatown if you get a chance.  Try to time it so you can see the confetti show!

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