Bao’s Hog in Little Saigon

Pig out at Bao's Hog.

Here’s another one of my healthy dining options that we like to frequent every month (I hope you can tell when I’m jesting by this point in our blogging relationship).

Bao’s Hog is in Garden Grove, California, in an area that is still considered a part of Little Saigon.  It’s more in the northern part of the area, but still surrounded by many, many Vietnamese restaurants and shops.  They call themselves an Asian eatery but it is considered Chinese, although, the Vietnamese do eat some very similar foods.

Take a look at their website for the wonderful selection of baos that they serve.  I’ve had a few different types of bao there and liked them all.  On this visit, I tried the rice instead and was glad I did, it was just as good as the baos.

The place is pretty hip and mostly a young crowd.  I try to pass as hip and young myself when I’m there.  It’s in a very boring shopping center, even though there are some other good eateries and drink places nearby, it looks like a typical strip mall.


I’m not really sure what they mean by “eat like a boss”, maybe act like you make some big bucks and eat big?

If you don’t like pork, there are other options.  I did try the duck and fish baos once before, but I’m going to stick with the crispy pork belly.  It’s kind of like eating bacon, right?  And who doesn’t love bacon?

This is my rice dish with crispy pork belly and sauce to dip it in.  Or rather, sauce to dump all over the pork and rice, which is what I did.  I also took all the vegetable garnishments that Audrey refused to eat and added it to my rice.

I honestly don’t know how Audrey can like her baos so much when she doesn’t eat it with any of the stuff that makes it tasty, not even the sauce!  It would seem too dry without it.

Here are the cha siu bao and the HOT chick bao (of course, my man was the one who ordered these, I wonder if he’s trying to get a hot chick because the one he was with is no spring chicken anymore, haha).

These drinks are delicious, very flavorful — one is a watermelon chiller and the other is a lychee lemonade chiller.

It’s very affordable, check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.

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