Project Poke – Sushi Donuts

The recent trend of poke and sushi donuts are at Project Poke, and they're a huge hit.

The new craze is sushi donuts.  We saw an ad and decided to go to our local restaurant, Project Poke, to try it out.  The first time we went, the line was out the door and wrapped around the side of the building.  The wait was about half an hour and this is for a place that’s more of a takeout food restaurant than a nice sit down restaurant.  There were three types of sushi donuts – salmon, tuna, and combo.  They also have build your own bowl and burritos.  There’s spam musubi, my favorite being the crispy spam musubi.  They serve drinks with boba and a small number of other addons.  I’ve only ordered the tuna sushi donut but I like it, it’s tasty, especially when eaten with the side sauce that comes with it.  I like that same sauce on my crispy spam musubi as well.  Since the popularity of this restaurant has exploded, I believe they’ve raised the price of the sushi donut to $5.25 each.

Project Poke
Line in front of Project Poke in Fountain Valley
Tuna sushi donut
Crispy spam musubi
Building a shrimp bowl

The menu

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1 comment on “Project Poke – Sushi Donuts

  1. Kristen Schroeder

    I must go here, Yum! I have never seen a sushi doughnut!

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