Zero Degrees is Hot!

Channel your Asian and Hispanic taste buds at this popular hangout place in Little Saigon, with great options for drinks and slush.

Lately, I’ve been making weekly runs to Zero Degrees (Bolsa Ave in Little Saigon) for their spicy mango ice and dole whip soft serve dessert.  This tasty treat has chamoy sauce in it, with little chunks of mango and a tamarind candy on top.  If you’re a fan of the Mexican type sauce with a bit of sweet, sour and spice in it, you’ll like this dessert as well as a number of other items Zero Degrees offer.  I’ve tried most everything they have that include mango and chamoy  and found all to be similar in taste and good.  Audrey likes to get the thai milk tea with boba, and my man prefers the watermelon slush or the sea salt caramel coffee.  I’ve heard some of the other drinks may not be as good, such as the strawberry horchata or the strawberry mojito (Audrey didn’t like it much when she tried it).  It doesn’t matter to me because I only order the mango items!

They also offer a split cup for those of you who are wishy-washy and can’t decide which drink you want.  You can choose two different flavors from a small, select menu of drinks and you’ll get the nifty cup, for which I like to use TWO straws instead of one.

It’s quite a popular spot for locals so going there on a Friday night or weekends mean waiting for 20 minutes to get your order, especially on any of the chamoy style items.

My favorite – spicy mango.
Split cup with sea salt caramel coffee and thai milk tea.
Frozen ice/slush with exotic flavors such as lychee and taro.
Thai milk tea.
Drinks in a bottle.  You’ll pay extra for that!
The menu.
The crowd.

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