A Hike Through Wildflowers To A Waterfall

Take a hike to Escondido Falls and walk amongst the wildflowers.

Spring is my favorite time of year to go for hikes.  Especially this year, since the drought is over and we’ve had plenty of rainfall.  Last Saturday, with mild weather and a sunny disposition, we set off for a hike to Escondido Falls in Malibu.  According to my Midwestern nieces, Malibu is where you’ll find Barbie.  On this particular day over the holiday weekend, mostly what we found were an abundance of wildflowers dotted along the trail and numerous creeks to cross.

To get to Escondido Falls, you drive up the coast from Santa Monica, or down the coast if you’re coming from the north, and find a street located off the Pacific Coast Highway called Winding Way Trail.  There is a small parking lot available that gets full quickly, so you may need to park on the side of the PCH a bit down the street.  We were lucky to pull in as someone else was pulling out of the lot.

After parking, you’ll have to walk on a small road to the start of the trail.  This normally is not a long walk except I made many pit stops to take pictures of the gorgeous homes and beautiful views (lifestyle of the rich and famous).

After you start the trail, you’ll encounter several small creeks to cross (not too difficult, especially if you’re light on your feet) and along the way, there are large trees to climb and lots of flowers to see.  I don’t know if these flowers bloom in the summer, but I’ve never seen as many variety of wildflowers on a hike before as I did at this location.

The waterfall is about an hour into the hike, and it’s actually quite tall, it was difficult to get a good, clear picture of it from far away because there were many people posing in front of it for pictures.  My favorite part, though, were the green, green ferns that were growing nearby, with water dripping off the stone and ferns.  

Feeling a bit adventurous (not to mention I like to climb), we tried to go higher up so we could get to the top of the waterfall, and some folks were telling us that there was another waterfall above the one we were gazing at.  Well, we didn’t make it all the way up.  A few young adults got a bit scared going up the slippery rocks and blocked the way for us, and my man was shaking in his tennies trying to get a grip on his way up (OK, just kidding, he did just fine but he’s not quite as limber as me), and I was a little worried Audrey might slip and fall and the social workers would come calling, so we gave up and headed down and out.  It was a great hike, though.  If you want to attempt the climb, wear climbing gloves and maybe bring a rope or claw.

Happy trails!

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