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Old Town Temecula

Can western and antiques be hip and trendy? It seems so when you're in Old Town Temecula.

It’s a western style town plunked down near Lake Elsinore, and in recent years, it’s becoming more trendy and crowded with visitors.  Old Town Temecula is about 1 1/2 hours drive from Los Angeles, and being farther inland, the days can get really hot and the nights can get pretty cold.

We went there last month for Mother’s Day since I felt like treating myself to a shopping trip for antiques and vintage things.  This is the place to go if you enjoy browsing through antique malls.  The main street, aptly called “Main St.”, and “Old Town Front St.” are the main arteries, and they’re fun and noisy streets to walk and do some sightseeing.  I say “noisy” because the motorcyclists seem to enjoy cruising Main St. and a number of rich dudes in fancy cars like to also do the same.  It’s interesting to see the the old time shops and storefronts mixed in with a hip eatery like the “PUBlic House”, a store called the Olive Oil Company where olive oil tasting is offered, and a French soap-making laboratory – tres bien!

Nearby (outside of town) are a number of wineries, although we did not have the time to visit any of them.

While eating at the “PUBlic House”, it seemed the favorite spot to park your vehicle and show it off was on the corner right next to the restaurant. Even the dog catcher had to take a turn in the spotlight!

2 comments on “Old Town Temecula

  1. Vicky Martinez

    Glad you enjoyed Temecula! If I would have known you were going, I would have met up with you or something.


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