Venice, Burano and Murano (Italy – Part 2)

Visit beautiful Venice before tourists are banned.

If anyone tells you that Venice may smell too fishy to enjoy visiting, just laugh and walk away. For the past few decades (yes, I am that old), I've always wanted to travel to Venice. I finally got to go for a few days last month and I wish I could've stayed longer. It is probably my favorite city in Italy. It's everything one would imagine it to be from seeing the pictures on Pinterest, Instagram, Google images, etc. I could go on and on because this famous city surrounded by water is as beautiful as the images you've seen. But enough of my raving, because a picture is worth a thousands words.

Of course, I must start with a picture of the buildings and waterways, taken while standing on one of their numerous bridges.

Saint Mark's Basilica is an absolutely stunning architectural sight to behold!

It's a beautiful view from inside Doge's Palace.

It's a lively scene at night as well, with many, many tourists out and about late in the evening when it was cooler outside.

We also took the water bus to Burano and Murano. Burano is known for its colorful homes and lace-making. The colorful homes helped the fisherman identify theirs easily. I happen to appreciate the window decorating effort they put into each of their homes.

Murano is known for glass-making, and during our visit, we found it to be a bit more quiet than Burano (but it was evening so many businesses seemed to be closed).

We saw an open studio where the fire was burning hotly and it was over 80 degrees that day….how do they do it, work in the heat and produce such tiny works of art like the orchestra set below?

It was really hard to leave this place. I'll definitely return one day and stay for more than a few days. We'll sit to enjoy a leisurely meal at an outdoor ristorante while watching the gondolas glide by with passengers smiling and pointing at all the pretty scenery they pass. But onto Florence and Part 3 of our trip.

P.S. In case you're wondering about my excerpt summary, due to the onslaught of tourists from cruise ships who enter in droves and leave after just a few hours, Italy is a bit unhappy about the impact of those tourists to the locals and are considering limiting the number of visitors to their city or landmarks.

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