The Moo Gelato and Dessert Bar

Oh gelato, you moo me!

Their cows must come from exotic countries. The gelato flavors include avocado, ube yam, durian, and coconut charcoal. The cupcakes are a little girl’s birthday party dream, and the egg waffle cones are warm and spongy.

The Moo Gelato and Dessert Bar had its grand opening last weekend and of course, we were there to take advantage of the buy one, get one free gelato scoop deal. The service was great and the shop was modern and welcoming – a good place to hang out with friends and have some dessert.

I tried the avocado and nutella gelato inside a chocolate egg waffle cone. OK, so the combination I came up was a little odd, but it didn’t matter, the flavors were true to taste and the only downside was that the egg waffle cone was freshly made and very warm, a bit too warm for gelato to sit in, speeding up the melting process faster than I would’ve preferred.

It’s a good spot to head to during the warmer months. For now, I’ll probably skip it and head a couple doors over to my favorite tea place, Tea Arias.

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