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Old World Village, Huntington Beach

Old World charm with a little bit of wiener in it

It’s October and we all know what that means! Oktoberfest! Right here in Huntington Beach, it feels like Oktoberfest takes place just about every few months. Perhaps its because I live so close to Old World Village and they host wiener dog races a number of times throughout the year. Even if you’re a cat person, check it out, it’s quite funny to watch and you’ll have a jolly good time drinking beer and eating pretzels bigger than your head.

It’s not limited to dachshunds, from what I can tell, the dog just needs to be a small breed. Audrey tells me there is an obsession with Corgis at the present time, so we had to snap a picture of the Corgi as well as the wiener dog. Personally, I prefer toy poodles but did not see any in the races. Look at that cute little guy below…I don’t know what happened to his competitors.

Of course, we had the German wenches (and I mean that in the archaic way, not in the derogatory way) dancing and serving baked goods in their busty outfits.

The village itself is quite “old world”, and surprisingly, quiet and not very crowded. The buildings typically have apartments situated above shops and restaurants, some with unpredictable hours, which I think is due to the fact that the owner lives above and opens shop whenever they feel like it.

Here’s a closer glimpse at the inside of some of the stores and eateries. The Speakeasy is probably the fanciest place in the village, but there is another coffee house nearby which almost rivals it in terms of decor.

The village is located near the 405 freeway and behind the Bella Terra shopping center. I hope more businesses and establishments open here, it is a quaint and walkable area, and I’m looking forward to taking a stroll there during the upcoming holiday season.

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