Patches and Pin Expo in Los Angeles

I had not realized how popular patches and pins were until I attended the Patches and Pin Expo today in Los Angeles. Audrey likes to collect them as an occasional souvenir, especially when we travel, it’s our habit to purchase a patch from the area we visited and she has a jean jacket covered with them.

Today, we stood in line for about 20 minutes to get into the Union club for the expo. What’s funny about this place is that it is a night club and so hosting this event here is a bit odd, a few of the rooms were so dimly lit, people had to pull out their phone to use the flashlight feature in order to see what was being sold.

There were many people in line waiting to enter the club. Even as we were leaving, a couple of hours later, guests were still entering the building.

It was packed, shoulder-to-shoulder, and sometimes a bit frustrating trying to see the products. The rooms were decked out like a disco and the vendors also spilled outside. The place was a bit of a maze trying to figure out where all the rooms were that had vendors. As a matter of fact, we went into three rooms and thought we were done but then found out there were more vendors downstairs and outside.

There were a lot of cool enamel pins (my favorite type) as well as plastic pins, badges, t-shirts, hat, posters, and even a vending machine that sold pins. Look at the jacket below — amazing! Don’t wear that thing through airport security!

We liked the terrarium pins by mochichito the best and bought three of them.

The Mokuyobi patches were my favorite patches. I already have a couple at home so did not buy any.

All in all, a fun event to visit, but next year, I hope they put up more signs to the vendor rooms or give us a map to follow, and install more lighting!

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