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Cookie Con and Sweets Show

Cookie Con soured on me.

It’s touted as the biggest baking and pastry convention on the West Coast.  It was big alright, and oversold.  Audrey and I had been really looking forward to attending the Cookie Con and Sweets Show for the first time this year, and it ended up being somewhat of a disappointment.

Before going, I had purchased tickets through GoldStar.  Total cost for one child and one adult ticket was about $35.  We had visions of beautiful desserts and unique creations being offered for sampling, and were looking forward to watching the demonstrations and discussions on the different stages.  I’m not a baker or much of a good cook in general, so for me, this was more about the excitement of the event and the many different exhibitors that would be available, plus, we LOVE to eat dessert.

We got to the Anaheim convention center before 10:30am Saturday morning and were stuck in a royal traffic jam the block before the convention center.  Traffic was backed up in the turn lane to the parking lots.  Luckily, we drove around a couple of blocks and came in through the back way and was able to park without fighting the rest of the cars.

We were in for a big surprise. The line outside must’ve been a mile long! We did not get inside until after noon and missed the first scheduled talk we wanted to attend. Once inside, it was shoulder-to-shoulder at most exhibitor booths and there were barely any samples left, or they were very tiny because there were just too many people in line. I did purchase some very good fudge, a spicy Thai sauce bottled by one of the exhibitors, and enjoyed the Decorator’s Showcase contest, but it was difficult to get a seat for any of the talks and to be able to hear over the crowd. It was also unfortunate that they put the decorator showcase on tables where kids could stand right next to it and poke the cakes with their fingers. I saw this and felt sorry for the decorators who worked so hard on their cakes, but kids will be kids, and the area should’ve been roped off to protect the displays.

It was worth it to see once, but I will not be returning next year. The cost is too high (factor in $10+ to park) for spending more time in lines than enjoying the sweets.

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